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Businesses & Government Agencies - With so trade secret theft and fraud on the rise, governments are trusted pc spyware to monitor their sensitive networks.
Law Enforcement - In the court evidence is king. An our software is designed to log and secure digital evidence.
Parents & Schools - The Internet is becoming a very scary and dangers place. Monitor your kids for peace of mind.
Spouses & Partners - Want to find out the truth about your partners fidelity? Our software will give you that knowledge. 

KeySnatch - USB Keylogger

KeySnatch - USB KeyloggerKeySnatch™ - USB hardware keylogger released! The world's smallest and smartest USB hardware keylogger. This keystroke recorder has 4MB memory capacity, 2,000,000,000 keystrokes (over 1,000,000 pages of text), organized into an advanced flash FAT file system. Super fast data retrieve is achieved by switching into Flash Drive mode for download. Completely transparent for computer operation, no software or drivers required. Supports national keyboard layouts.

KeyCobra USB Installation


Surveillance and Monitoring Features

Take advantage of the unique new features: USB keyboard with built-in hub.

* Huge memory capacity, organized as an advanced flash FAT file system
* Works with any USB keyboard, including those with built-in hubs
* Super fast memory contents download (up to 125 kB/s)
* No software or drivers required, Windows, Linux, and Mac compatible
* Transparent to computer operation, undetectable for security scanners
* Quick and easy national layout support
* Ultra compact and discrete, only 1.5" (38 mm) long


* Observe WWW, E-mail & chat usage by children and employees
* Monitor employee productivity
* Protect your child from on-line hazards and predators
* Save a copy of typed text
* ...and several more, see keystroke recorder benefits

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System Requirements

  • USB Keyboard Port
  • Works with Windows, MAC and Linux
KeySnatch - USB Keylogger

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Undetectable to Anti Virus and Anti Spyware Software

Black 4MB Win, Linux, MAC
KeeLogger Flash USB

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Black 2GB
(With Time & Stamp Log)
Win, Linux, MAC
KeeLogger Flash USB


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White 4MB Win, Linux, MAC
KeeLogger Flash USB


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White 2GB
(With Time & Stamp Log)
Win, Linux, MAC
KeeLogger Flash USB


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