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What is Spyware?
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Who Uses Our Spyware?
Businesses & Government Agencies - With so trade secret theft and fraud on the rise, governments are trusted pc spyware to monitor their sensitive networks.
Law Enforcement - In the court evidence is king. An our software is designed to log and secure digital evidence.
Parents & Schools - The Internet is becoming a very scary and dangers place. Monitor your kids for peace of mind.
Spouses & Partners - Want to find out the truth about your partners fidelity? Our software will give you that knowledge. 

PC Spyware - Support

Here you will find FAQs, contact information and our where you can get access to 24/7 support

Q. I need to spy on a computer that I do not have access to, how can I do this? This is against the law unless you own the computer or have permission to install a remote installation monitoring spyware like our Remote Spyware product Realtime Spy.

Q. Who uses these "spyware" products? Spyware is the generic term used for "spy software" or monitoring programs. They are used by government agencies and law enforcement to catch criminals and stop espionage. Our spyware is used by parents, schools and libraries to make sure their children are safe online and are not getting into trouble, such as talking to a cyber stalker or vesting adult web sites. The most common use of spy software, is surprisingly, to catch cheating spouses, partners or employees and gather factual evidence against them.

Q. Is spyware legal?
Are surveillance cameras legal? Of course, you are allowed to monitor your own property, there is nothing illegal about that.

Q. Great products, how do I get a discount? Visit http://www.SpytechWholesalers.com

Q. Do you offer Refunds
All products are sold as is. They have a 30 days refund policy if the product does not work on your computer. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS FOR REMOTE SPYWARE THAT IS ATTEMPTED TO BE USED ON A PC YOU DON'T OWN.

Q. I found the same products or a very similar products being sold on another site for the same price or less, why should I buy off you?
If you do, find this, email us with the competitors url and if their product can do what ours can, we will beat their price for you!!

Q. I have a MAC will this spyware work on my computer?
KeyCarbon USB is a keylogger that works on MAC O/S machines.

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